TracyTracy Stamatakos is an editorial, commercial and fine art photographer who is highly regarded for her simple, stylish imagery. Her portfolio showcases images of human connection and the quiet mystery of New Zealand landscapes and seascapes.

As a photographer, Tracy spent her first ten years working with film and the last ten years working with digital technology. As her library of images accumulates on hard-drives, Tracy is increasingly driven to produce framed prints of her images, which can be encountered in people's living and working spaces. "I want my work to have a 'long exposure', to have a long-term role to play." she says. "We live in a world where images have five minutes of fame on a newsfeed, generating a series of lost moments. I think photography as art achieves its highest destiny in physical form which people can encounter over and over again."

"I am now half-way through my life, and I have desire to become a curator of memories, of meaningful moments, of simple grounding landscapes. My favourite pieces exist for me as still points in a moving world, a memory or symbol of a significant moment. Art is not a form of d├ęcor; it's deeper than that. I hope people will choose my work because it speaks to something in them."